5 Knowledge 5 Construction of a steel rope

Construction of a steel rope

A steel wire rope is a load-bearing element of a complex construction. Its primary elements are:
wires > lays > cores > lubricant

Depending on the rope construction, the number of wires varies from a few to several-hundreds. The core of the rope constitutes a support for the strands, secures the rope against transverse deformations and is responsible for its proper shape. It is also a dispenser of the lubricant, which is released during rope operation, protecting in this way the wires and strands against internal corrosion. Fibre – NFC (organic) cores are made of the following plant fibres: > canopy > cotton > sisal > jute

We make synthetic-fibre – SFC cores of propylene. Steel cores are most often made in form of a rope construction 7×7. and less frequently in form of strand of the same construction as the rope lay, and sporadically in a form of rope with a different construction than the lay. Steel cores, in comparison to textile fibre cores provide a greater resistance to side thrusts, resistance to temperature, greater breaking force, with increased rigidity of the rope.